July 2021 - Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on July 23, 2021.

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Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / ODD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

  • We’re continuing to augment the power and capabilities of the Assessments Module tables framework introduced in our May 2021 product release. 
    • When Bulk Publishing Assessments to many Partners/Vendors, users will be able to leverage the revamped table features to more quickly and easily pinpoint the intended recipients.
    • With this change, advanced filters, free-text search, and custom data views will better enable users to find a Partner/Vendor or Product by any of its attributes.
  • We have enhanced our Questionnaire digitization utility to support creation of excel-like table answer type questions. Users will have the ability to define and create table questions using the  Questionnaire Import Template.
  • As with the Offline Assessment Answering feature available to recipients of questionnaires on the Client Connect side, senders of the assessment will now also be able to export published questionnaires into an editable PDF format, respond offline, and re-upload to import their responses. 
  • The Publish-to-Me feature will be updated--for internally published and self-completed assessments--to support both pre-population of answers and auto-evaluation of questions.
  • Changing the primary recipient of an assessment will now turn the former primary to an additional recipient instead of completely removing the former primary’s access. 
  • Lastly, going forward, any changes to Mapped Attributes will be logged in the Assessment History.


  • Processing Activities will use our new table technology which lets users configure columns, use advanced filters and search, and create custom views of their data.
  • When managing individual rights requests, users will be able to bulk publish tasks to recipients to notify recipients of Do Not Sell requests and Data Deletions.


We are rolling out a Reporting Module in Beta to give users the power to create real-time reports from their data in order to identify trends and share insights across their organization. Users will be able to add widgets to each report to present data with charts, pivot tables, and table drilldowns. 

This beta capability will be rolled-out for a few clients at a time. If interested in more information on this new reporting module, or to be on the early adopter list, please have your System Administrator submit a support request through our Support Center

Please Note: We also plan on sending out further specific details on this after the release.

  • In this initial release of the new reporting module, we will add out-of-the-box reports for Assessments, DSRM Requests, and Approval Requests. Within these reports users can add any number of widgets including charts, pivot tables, and detailed table drilldowns. In each widget, users will only be able to see data that they have permission to view. 
  • In upcoming releases, we will give users the ability to define their own reports, set report permissions, and expand reporting to more entities like Partners and Products.


  • Each release, we’re setting aside time to improve our new tables to bring additional functionality and address customer improvement requests. This release we’re rolling out several enhancements:
    • Users will be able to share views with their organization directly from the create new screen
    • Users can now delete out-of-the-box views like Active and Archive. 
    • Users will be able to download their current view to a csv file to share or explore data offline.
  • We will streamline our login and registration experience to support password managers and autofill. We are also removing the requirement to confirm your password.

BNM Account Management

  • We are releasing new account management and workflow automation features for Bank Network Management. If interested, please contact your client relations representative.

Note to Clients

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.

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