October 2021 - Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on October 08, 2021.

This article covers the following topics: 

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / ODD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

  • Users editing a questionnaire in the Assessment Module will be able to specify if one or more issues should be created automatically when specific answers are submitted. 
  • The Issues Module will support our new table technology which lets users configure columns, add advanced filters, save views, and view custom attributes.
  • Users editing a max score questionnaire:
    • Will be able to specify if they want evaluators to add points manually to a question score or select from a list of available scores. For example, if a question has a max score of 10, and the user editing the questionnaire wants evaluators to only select multiples of 5 points, then the evaluator will be able to only pick 0, 5, 10 points to score that question.
    • Will be able to specify how to auto-score “Select Multiple” question answers.  Available options: SUM, MIN, MAX.
  • Users evaluating an assessment with a max score grading scale will have the ability to filter questions by evaluation scores, selecting a specific points range.
  • The Export & Import feature for offline answering on Partner Connect will be a default capability for the BNM360, ODD360, Vendor360, and Cyber360  products 
    • Users evaluating or answering an Assessment now have the option to export the Assessment in PDF or Excel, update answers offline and re-import it. Please view our full help article Export and Import Offline Answered Assessments for full guidance.
      • Note: Article will be updated with new release features on Oct. 8th. 
  • Adding of Additional Recipients when publishing assessments will be available by default for all. Please view our help article Adding Additional Recipients for full guidance. 


  • The DSRM Module will support a Requested On field in addition to the Created On field to help agents handle offline requests that may take several days to enter into the system. The Created On date will continue to reflect the date entered in the system while users can modify the Requested On to reflect when the request was originally received.
  • The DSRM table will be updated to improve the performance for accounts with thousands of requests.


We’re continuing work on our Reporting Module and adding key enhancements from client feedback. This release will see expanded usability with several new entities now reportable as well as improvements to performance and look and feel. 

This beta capability will be rolled-out for a few clients at a time. If interested in more information on this new reporting module, or to be on the early adopter list, please have your System Administrator submit a support request through our Support Center.

  • The reporting module will now support reports for Issues, Partners, and Products in addition to DSRM Requests, Account Approval Requests, and Assessments. 
  • The reporting module will have improved performance for larger sets of data.


  • The new tables used across the application will support relative date filters so users can create views that track stagnant, new, or upcoming items. For example, users can create a view of all assessments due in the next week.
  • Clients under managed partners will no longer see the ability to directly request to update their subscription.
  • Users will be able to seamlessly harvest the files attached in responses to a questionnaire and save them against an associated record. When configuring a questionnaire template, administrators can enable this setting to link the files attached in a response to the Partner, Product, or other records related to the published questionnaire.
  • We will support tracking time series data. This is useful in situations where you need to collect and store time-varying values of a particular attribute, for example, the credit ratings or financial risk of a third party that are updated each year. This release, System Admin can create a time series attribute of any field type. Then users can add values for that attribute at regular time intervals (e.g. monthly quarterly, yearly, etc.). In future releases, we will add advanced functionality for collecting and updating time series data. 
  • The Partner (or Vendor) tables will be updated to show company level counts for Issues, Assessments, and Products. This lets users continue to filter on which partners (or vendors) have issues, assessments and products, and dramatically improves table performance.
  • There will be some improvements to support longer text attributes. 
    • The limit for Multi-line text attributes will be increased to 3,500 characters.
    • These attributes support an expand-collapse feature, which allows users to see a shortened preview of the text by default as well as the full content when expanded.

BNM Account Management

  • We are releasing new account management and workflow automation features for Bank Network Management. If interested, please contact your client relations representative.

Note to Clients

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.

Release Notes Details

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