February 2022 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on February 26, 2022. 

This article will cover the following topics: 

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / ODD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

  • We will be extending the use of clarifications to follow-up questions so users can create, submit and track clarifications on any question of an assessment.
  • Users will be able to easily track reopened assessments with new fields on the Assessment table: Reopened and Last Reopened On. 
  • Users editing a questionnaire will have the ability to make evaluation or scoring of any assessment for that questionnaire mandatory.  This means that unless all scorable questions have been scored/evaluated, the assessment cannot be marked as complete.
  • We will add new flags to track assessments that have been re-opened. This will allow clients to filter assessments that were previously marked as “complete” but subsequently opened for edits.
  • We will introduce the ability to copy internal business owners on emails sent to partners when publishing or sending clarification. This is intended to keep the business owner updated on activities with the partner
  • There will be an added option to download Partner details from the Partner Module under the Partner Details screen. 

ADV Monitoring (for ODD360 clients)

  • Comparing and exporting to XLSX two ADV form filings of the same firm will be available. 

BNM Account Management

  • We are releasing new account management and workflow automation features for Bank Network Management. If interested, please contact your client relations representative.

Report Builder

We’ve released the Report Builder to all clients and made the module visible by default to all super users in our platform. If you do not see the Report Builder, reach out to your platform admin to make sure the Reports Read permission is enabled. This release also sees new features to address early customer feedback.

  • We will revamp the report experience by adding a full page view for users to view and manage Report Data. This page will help users define their report level columns and filters before creating charts. The page will also include a revamped export feature to export each record to continue reporting offline. 
  • We are adding a new data source, Issues and Assessments, so users can report on assessment details for issues linked to assessments.
  • The Issues data source will be updated to Issues and Partners so users can see the details of the partner associated with each issue.
  • To create key operational reports, we will add Days Since Created and Days Since Modified to all report data sources. Workflow entities like Issues, Assessments, and DSRM Requests will also see fields for Past Due and Days Past Due.
  • Report users will be able to bucket date and numeric fields to create aging reports.
  • Reports will support a full screen view to better view graphs and summary tables.


  • The Issues Table will now include partner details so users can filter and search for issues by partner attributes.
  • We will roll out system calculated fields for Days Since Created and Days Since Modified on tables starting with Assessments, Issues, Partners, Products, DSRM Requests, and Approvals. For entities with due dates like Issues, DSRM Requests, and Assessments, we will also add fields for Past Due and Days Past Due.
  • We will begin supporting dependent fields to help your users enter consistent data when adding or editing records. A Field Dependency makes it so that the list of options in one field are dynamically determined by the value a user selects on another field. This release, dependent fields can be created for the following entities: Issue, Partner/Vendor, Product, and Relationship. In future releases, other entities will also support dependent fields. 
  • The Audit Logs available to System Admin will be enhanced to track actions on additional entities:
    • Files attached to records of Partner/Vendor, Product, or Relationship will be tracked in the audit logs
    • Contact records
  • Users with read access to Partner/Vendor, Product, Contact, and Relationship records will be able to perform a bulk export of all of the records they are authorized to view without having System Admin access. 
  • Guest users will be prompted periodically to verify their email addresses to help keep their accounts secure.

Note to Clients

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.

Release Notes Details

To view the Release Notes details, click here.