May 2022 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on May 13, 2022. 

This article will cover the following topics:

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / ODD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

  • We’re beginning to integrate the Question Bank into core assessment flows. Users will now be able to select questions from their Question Bank to quickly create a new questionnaire. This extends the current process which supports creating questionnaires from a template or a file. The Question Bank is an “add on” enterprise feature to help users view and manage every question added to their platform in one place. If you want to start using the Question Bank please reach out to our team so we can discuss if it is applicable to you. 
  • We’re continuing to update the Partners Module to use our new table technology; the Contacts table is the latest to leverage this revamped infrastructure. With this change, advanced filters, free-text search, and custom data views will better enable users to find a Partner Contact by any of its attributes
  • We will be adding new bulk options to the Active Assessments screen to support efficient mass changes to records. Users will be able to bulk edit custom assessment attributes as well as assessment periods under the Bulk options icon from the Assessments Module. 
  • We will be enhancing the ability to export assessments. Users will now be able to export as PDF or Excel for completed or closed assessments. 
  • We will be enhancing assessment navigation to make it easier to locate and get to a specific part of the questionnaire. A collapsible, hierarchical TOC-like menu will provide direct links to specific sections, subsections, or questions–obviating the need for lengthy scrolling. This will be available both on the answering and evaluation side. 
  • We will be introducing the ability to add additional recipients to internally published assessments both from the Partner and Client Connect side.
    • Note: This feature will be available upon request. Please contact CENTRL support for enablement. 
  • We will be adding several enhancements to the question-level Rules feature available on assessments: 
    • Two new trigger types will be available: an Absolute Difference Comparison, which compares the difference between two numerical answers to a constant number, and a simple Number Comparison, which compares a numerical answer to a constant.
    • Going forward, rules can be created on questions directly from CENTRL’s questionnaire import utility, using the approved format. Relatedly, questionnaire exports will include question-level rule definitions.
    • Currently, rules can only be created for parent questions. We will be improving this feature to be allowed for follow-up questions as well. 
  • Currently, there are email notifications stating when bulk publications are complete. We are also adding this notification to single publications as well. 

BNM Account Management

  • We are releasing new account management and workflow automation features for Bank Network Management. If interested, please contact your client relations representative.
  • We will be introducing a new approval process for edits made to Partner records. 

Report Builder

This release incorporates feedback from our clients to improve our self service reporting offering. In the upcoming releases we will shift to work on dashboards so users can summarize report insights on custom dashboards. If you do not see the Report Builder, reach out CENTRL support. 

  • We will add a default role, Manage, which gives users the ability to create reports but only view and edit reports they own. In upcoming releases we will work on report sharing. 
  • On reports, users will be able to drag and drop to reorder report columns. 
  • On reports, users will be able to drill down to view individual records. 
  • The main report table will now show a count of charts and the ability to quickly drill to charts. 

Note to Clients

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.


Release Note Details

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