October 2022 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on October 14, 2022. 

This article covers the following topics:

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

  • We are introducing a consolidated All Files tab in the Partner’s module that will allow users to easily search, view, and download files attached across all the different Partners, Products, and Relationships in the system without having to go to each individual record’s profile to look for them.
    • The system will automatically check files added in Partner Space for duplicates, and allow users to either rename the file being uploaded or use the existing file in the File Library.
  • All Bulk Option features will include the option to select all records that match the user’s filters. 

Reporting and Analytics

In this release, we introduce multiple productivity enhancements to reporting, several enhancements to dashboards, and a new data source for Assessment Results. We will also deprecate the legacy Dashboard and Reports tabs in modules to remove confusion. These capabilities have been moved to the Analytics Module.

  • We are adding a new data source, Assessment Results, that lists each assessment with granularity to the individual sections, questions, and answers.
  • Users can now quickly clone a dashboard or report to preserve settings instead of starting from scratch.
  • When creating or managing a tile, users will be able to quickly add a new report on the fly. 
  • When viewing a report, users will be able to quickly add the report to one of their dashboards.
  • When sharing a report or dashboard with another team-member, users will now be able to add a message to notify their team-mates of the new resource over email.
  • We will introduce new tile types for configurable dashboards. A Bar Chart for horizontal grouping, a Column Chart for vertical grouping, and a Summary Table to explicitly list values.
  • Dashboards will support a new calculation called Unique Count and the existing Count calculation will be renamed to Record Count. This lets users either count total records or unique field values.
  • The dashboard color scheme has been updated to provide a more modern look and feel.
  • We will rename the Assessment Reports tab to Assessment Analysis to differentiate from our existing report builder. This area contains many of our original reports that will eventually be moved to Analytics.


  • We have started an effort to revamp our core platform to deliver improved performance and reliability. Users will see improvements in interacting with assessments.
  • We’re continuing to roll out time-saving features built on our rules engine. System Admin will soon be able to define Rules to automate key actions in the platform, including: adding Assessments to be published or scheduled, performing updates to Fields, and sending email notifications.
    • Please Note: This feature is not available by default. Please reach out to your client relations representative if interested in enabling this feature.
    • This augmented framework will support triggers on a variety of events, and flexible conditional logic so you can scalably specify which records are impacted. For example, you will be able to define Rules that trigger when a Partner or Product record is created or updated, or when an Assessment is completed. And you will be able to specify that Partners, Products, or Assessments only with particular values on their attributes be considered when evaluating the Rule. 
    • Enhancements to Rules that trigger Email Notifications are also coming. Users will be able to define email reminders to trigger on exact dates or some amount of time relative to date fields of Issues, Partners, Products, and Assessments. As with other Rules, you will be able to further specify when the Rule fires using Conditions.
  • We are introducing a self-service approval workflow framework that will enable admin users to automate and coordinate their organization's approval processes. This can be especially useful in implementing “maker-checker” controls and related quality checks on how your users change data. 
    • The approval workflow framework will launch with support for various Assessment-based triggering events, configurable entry criteria, and fully customizable approval stage sequences. Support for other triggers and workflows on other types of records will be added in future releases.
    • Please Note: If interested in enabling this feature, please contact your client relations representative.
  • We will be enhancing the way file exports, including table exports and bulk record exports, handle dates. These exported files will render dates in a locale-agnostic format (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD) and according to the downloading user’s time zone setting. If the user does not have a time zone specified, then the system will use the user’s organization time zone. 

Note to Clients

Please Note: We are expecting a system downtime between 6-8 PM EST on the day of the release.

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.

Release Notes Details

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