Viewing a Received Document

When you receive a document Folder in CENTRL platform, you will receive an email notification. You can click on View Document link in the email to login into CENTRL platform and view the documents. 

Note: This is applicable to the guest users or the recipients of document folders in the Partner Connect module.​

This article covers the following topics:

Published Document Email Notification

When a Document is published, Users will receive the following email notification prompting them to log in to view the document.


View Files While in CENTRL

Document recipients who have the view and download permissions to published documents can also access them from the My Reports, Folders, and Files tabs. The Communications tab has made it easier than before to collaborate between Guest and Partner Users at the folder and file level.

To learn more about documents and folder management, click on: Folder Management and Custom Views.

Viewing and Downloading Files

1. After logging into CENTRL, Users will land in the partner screen from the Partner module. Users will need to select and click on the Partner Name.


2. Once in the Partner profile, the User can navigate different views by clicking on the three tabs on the top-right. In this case, we'll remain in the My Reports tab and look under the Folders view. Once the folder has been found, the User can click on it to view the files.


3. Within the Files tab, click on the file name or the 3-dot icon and select View File to view the file within the CENTRL user interface(UI). You can also click Download to download the file to your PC.


4. If there are multiple files within the Folder, you can click on Download Folder to download all of the files at once to your PC.

Note: If the document folder is published as Read-Only with download permissions, the Excel and CSV files will be downloaded as HTML. Also, file sizes above 80MB will be downloaded in their original format. 


2. After clicking View or the File Name, if there are multiple files present, you can click on the box above to view and select the different files, as shown below.


Communications Page

You also have an option to collaborate externally/ internally at the folder or file level. The User will be brought to a page where they may type in any question or concern that they have with any of the folders or files. On the folder level, there will also be additional information on the right-hand side. To learn more, click on: Comments and Messaging.

1. Once a User is ready to respond internally, they may click the Send button to submit their response. The conversation will be logged above the comment box.


2. You can also collaborate at the file external level by clicking on a file, then clicking the External button. Once you're ready to respond, you may click the Send button to submit your response. Any responses will be logged above the Send a Message box.