New Feature Alert

When responding to assessments, you can now attach documents at the question or assessment level. Previously, files could only be attached to assessments through specific questions or through the external messaging tab, but not at the assessment level. This is a highly requested feature from many respondent guests and clients and is now widely available today.

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

Responding to Assessments

  • The Documents Window in the assessment Answer Screen has the option to give respondents the ability to upload files at the Assessment level. 


  • The Documents Window will now have 4 tabs to view/manage the attached files for an assessment.
    • Requests Tab: Overview of all document requests and files currently attached to document requests.
    • Question Attachments Tab: Overview of all files attached at the question level.
    • Assessment Attachments Tab: Overview of all files attached at the assessment level.
    • All Files Tab: Overview of all files attached to an assessment.

2024-01-17_23-41-44 copy.png

Please Note: If your assessment does not contain any document request answer types, the Requests Tab will not be included in this window.

  • Assessment level attachments will allow assessment respondents to upload files to assessments themselves, independent of a document request or question. 


  • Once attached successfully, assessment attachments can be shared with assessment evaluators. Select the Share toggle switch to enable and disable sharing. You can also delete files from an assessment by selecting the Delete icon as shown below.

2024-01-18_00-25-23 copy.png

Please Note: If an assessment attachment is not shared, it cannot be viewed by your publishing partner during evaluation.

Please see our full help articles for more information on viewing, attaching, and downloading files from assessments: