Gaining and Granting Assessment Access

When users are invited to answer an assessment, they will receive an email notification informing them that their response has been requested. If this is their first time answering an assessment, the email link will direct them to the registration page where they will be able to create a password and register their account. 

If other requests need to be fulfilled such as granting a new respondent access to the assessment, users can conveniently reach out to their publishing partner either directly through the platform or via email. Added collaborators will be able to actively engage with the assessment by responding to questions and clarifications, assigning questions to relative users, and submitting responses. 

This article covers the following topics: 

Reaching out to your Publishing Partner via External Messaging  

If you need to contact your Publishing Partner regarding requests such as adding your colleagues as contacts for your company so that they can help answer existing and future assessments, you can reach out to your Publishing Partner directly in the platform through our external messaging feature. Please see the articles below for more information on how to send external messages from the platform. 

Reaching out to your Publishing Partner via Email 

Alternatively, if you have been invited to answer an assessment but do not have a registered account, you can reach out to your Publishing Partner via email. You can find your Publishing Partner's email address listed in the invitation email you received, as shown below. 

invitation email.png

Adding Collaborators 

Additionally, if you have a registered account, you can add your colleagues to the assessment yourself by utilizing our Collaborators feature. The Change Collaborators feature allows users to change assessment owners and invite new assessment collaborators. 

For more information on our Change Collaborators feature, please see our full help article: Add or Change Assessment Collaborators.

Responding to Assessments 

Once users have received assessments, they can respond to assessments, submit their responses, clarify their responses, and remediate issues from the same screen. 

Please see our full help article on how to respond to assessments below for reference.

QSG: Responding to Assessments