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First Time Recipients

When your partner invites you to complete an Assessment on CENTRL, you will receive an email notification that contains a registration link. Open the email notification and click the "Get Started" button to complete the registration form. Once registered, you will be redirected to the Assessment.

Email Invitation   Registration Form 
Welcome_Email_Guest.png Register_Page_Guest.png

Registered Users

Registered Users can log in at: web.oncentrl.com/#/login

To learn more about CENTRL's account lockout policy, visit: Account Lockout Policy

For guidance on resetting your password, visit: Password Policy & Password Reset

Partner Screen

Registered Users will land on the Partner Screen after logging in to CENTRL. If you have received Assessments from multiple Partners, they will be listed here for easy management. Click on a Partner to view their Partner Space. 

Viewing Your Active Assessments

From the My Assignments tab

You can find questions, sections, or assessments assigned to you by a colleague under the My Assignments tab of the Assessment Module.  


From the Active Assessments tab

You can find Assessments received directly from your partner in the Active Assessments tab of the Assessment Module. Assessments are sorted by the date received by default, with the most recent assessments at the top. 


Note: When accessing assessments from notification emails, the system automatically redirects you to the appropriate assessment, section, or question.



Navigating the Assessment

Assessment sections appear on the left of the screen. Scroll through the sections using the scroll bar and click on a section to open all of the questions. Click on an individual question to open it.

Assessment Filters

The Filters option allows you to filter an Assessment by multiple dimensions: section, question status, assignee, and more.
To learn more about the Filters option, visit: Applying Filters

Adding Your Answers

At the center of the screen is the Answering Pane, where you will find the question prompt and answer options. All answers save automatically.

For a complete overview of CENTRL's answer types, visit: Answer Types and Question Types

Updating Pre-Populated Answers

For your convenience, some answers may be pre-populated from a previous iteration of the assessment. To learn more about updating a pre-populated answer or reverting to a pre-populated answer, visit: Editing a Pre-populated Answer 


Adding Comments to an Answer

While answering a particular question, you have to option to add a comment alongside your answer by clicking the "Add Comment" link as shown below:
For more information on how to add or edit comments at the question level, visit:
Adding and Editing a Comment to an Answer.


Answering Follow-up Questions

Some questions may trigger follow-up questions based on your initial answer. To learn more about answering follow-up questions, visit: Answering Follow-up Questions.

Answering Mandatory Questions

Your publishing Partner has the option to designate questions as mandatory. One or more unanswered mandatory questions will prevent you from submitting an assessment. To learn more about mandatory questions, visit: Answering a Mandatory Question.

Attaching Files

When answering a question, you have the option to attach files along with with your response. Files can be attached using the Attach File option on the answering pane or from the Documents modal on the upper right of the screen. Your publishing Partner can request that you provide files in support of your response.
For more information on attaching files on the answering pane, or on the documents modal, visit: Uploading Documents to Questionnaires


Assignments can be made at the individual question level or in bulk to facilitate collaboration. Individual questions can be assigned to others by clicking the Person icon on the upper-right of the Answering pane. Use the Select/Add User drop-down menu to choose an assignee from the list, or manually enter the assignee's email address and add them on-the-fly. Messages added in the message box are sent to the assignee as part of the assignment email notification. 

To make bulk assignments, click on Bulk Assignments to the right of Assessment sections and choose what to assign.  


Assignments can be given at the question, section, or assessment level as shown below:


To learn more about this feature, visit: Assigning Questions and Sections

Question History

Question History shows information regarding the selected question. This feature gives users a complete trail of user activities at the question level.
To learn more about question history, please visit: Question History

Changing the Collaborators

When Questionnaire Owners, Questionnaire Admins, and Recipients (Guest users and Subscribed users) receive a Questionnaire for Answering, they can change the owner and collaborators of the assessment.

1. From the Assessment Answering screen, select the Collaboration button as shown below: 


2. From the Change Collaborator(s) window, click on Additional Collaborator(s), and select a collaborator from the list, or enter their email address to add them on-the-fly:


To learn more about changing collaborators please visit the following article:
Change the Collaborators

Tracking your progress 

The progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows the total number of questions answered and the number of questions remaining. Your answers are saved automatically and are in draft status until submitted.
After you have completed a pre-submission review, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. 




Review & Submit

Click on the Review tab for a comprehensive view of the Assessment's questions and your responses. Once you are satisfied with your responses, click on Submit
You can download a copy of the assessment and related files for your records. To learn more about this feature please visit: Viewing and Downloading all Files attached to an Assessment

Incomplete Submissions

Be advised that a warning message will appear if you attempt to submit an incomplete assessment. Assignees must complete all assigned questions before your submission.




Responding to Clarifications

While on the Answering screen, the Clarifications quick filter shows the total number of clarification questions associated with the Assessment. Click on the filter to open the clarification questions.
As part of evaluating an assessment, clarifications may be sent by your partner when they have additional questions based on the answers you submitted. To learn more about assessment clarifications, please visit: Responding to Clarifications.


External Communication

The external communication functionality enables you to communicate with your external partner within the context of an Assessment. You can leverage the external communication for Assessments option to ask questions or seek clarification from your partner.

1. From the Assessments Answering screen, click on the Overview button to the top right of the screen as shown below: 


2. Select the External tab, enter your message in the text box, and click Send Message to submit your message to your partner.


To learn more about our external communication feature, please visit:
External Communication for Assessments



Issues Management

Issue remediation generally involves four steps: using the external Q/A, collaborating on the issue with colleagues, adding management updates, and finally, publishing management updates. To learn more about the issue remediation process, please visit: Responding to Issues 

Responding/Answering Offline

Exporting an Assessment

CENTRL offers the option to export an Assessment as an Excel or PDF file for offline answering.

1. Click on the 3 dots icon next to the Assessment you would like to export, and from the drop-down menu select Export as shown below:


2. On the following screen, you can export an individual question, a section, or the entire Assessment, and export the file as a PDF or XLSX file as shown below:

Note: PDFs may default to open by the browser's PDF Viewer, however some answer types and features are not available for answering in this view. We recommend opening and answering assessments offline using Adobe Acrobat Reader which will have most answering capabilities available. 

For a comprehensive guide on exporting an assessment, please click the following link:
Export an Assessment

Importing an Assessment

Once you have completed answering the Assessment offline, use the Import option to upload your responses. 
1. Click the 3 dots icon next to the Assessment where you will be importing your responses, and select Import.  
2. Click + File, to select your file for import. Once you have added your file, click Next.

3. From the Review & Import screen, click Import


Note: The same PDF template can be used for multiple assessments if the source questionnaires are exactly the same. Please note uploading to multiple assessments is not available for XLSX format. 

For a comprehensive guide on exporting an assessment, please click the following link:
Import Offline Answers in an Assessment