Account Lockout Policy

As per CENTRL's Account Lockout Policy, while logging into CENTRL, when a user makes three unsuccessful login attempts due to incorrect login or password, he/she will be locked out for 10 minutes from their last login attempt. This is done to provide additional security to user accounts and to avoid brute force attacks. 

CENTRL's Account Lockout Policy includes the following topics:

Account Lockout Threshold

This is the number of consecutive failed login attempts due to a bad password occurring within the account lockout threshold window of time. This is done to provide additional security and to ensure accounts are not susceptible to malicious attacks.  

Note: User accounts will be locked after 3 failed login attempts. 

If a user is locked 3 times in one day, we inactivate the account and the user will have to go through "Forgot Password" to reactivate the account. To learn more about how to change or reset your password, please click here.

Tip: While logging in, if you are having trouble remembering your password, we suggest to reset your password before the third login attempt to avoid being locked out for 10 minutes. 

Account Lockout Duration

The account lockout duration setting determines the number of minutes that a locked out account remains locked out before automatically becoming unlocked. In other words, it is the duration for which any user account is locked out for. The lockout duration for CENTRL users is 10 minutes.

Note: User accounts will be unlocked automatically after 10 minutes from their last login attempt.

Please reach out to CENTRL's Support team by submitting a support request in case you are unable to log in after the 10-minute waiting period.