Uploading Documents to a Survey

When answering a survey, you have the ability to attach documents to questions. Documents can be attached to a question by using the Answering Pane or by using the Documents Modal. 

This article covers the following topics:

Attaching Documents at the Question level


1. Click on the question for which you wish to attach documents. Clicking on the question will open the Answering pane.

2. Inside the answering pane, click on the upload icon under Documents. This will open the upload window. 

Upload Files


1. You can upload files by dragging and dropping files into the modal or by clicking on Browse. Click here to learn more about the file types supported for upload.

2. Files will be processed as soon as a file is dragged or selected via the browse functionality. 

Duplicate files


1. If the file you uploaded is already present in the file library, it will be shown as Duplicate on the right side. You have the option to fix duplicates by either renaming the uploaded file or using the already present file. 

2. To fix duplicates, click on the Click to fix the link.


 3. You will be presented with an option either to use the already existing file or use a suggested file name at the bottom.

Note: You can modify the suggested file name and click on Rename.

Selecting Files From File Library


You can also attach documents from your file library by clicking on Select from File Library tab. 

1. To select a file, click on the name of the file or the checkbox on the right. All uploaded and selected files will be shown on the right. You can also unselect files by hovering over and clicking on the Delete icon. Once you are done selecting the file(s), click on Close.

Attaching Documents at Survey level

The Documents modal gives an overview of all the documents that have been requested and the list of files attached to the survey.


To open the Documents modal, click on the Requests/All files in the Documents dropdown as shown above. This will take you to the respective tab in Documents modal.



  1. The Requests tab lists all the document requests with reference to the question. This tab contains all the documents that your partner has requested. It also shows the number of files attached to each request along with an option to upload.
  2. To upload and attach files, click on the Upload icon corresponding to the question/request. This will open the upload window where you can upload files or select files from file library.

All Files


The All Files tab gives an overview of all the files attached to the survey grouped by questions, as shown above. You can also see who attached what file on each question. 


Viewing Files

You can view the attached files using the In-App file viewer. Click here to learn more about the file types supported in the File viewer

Downloading Files

You can also download the files from the Documents modal using the Download icon located on the top right of the Documents modal.

Searching Files

You have the option to search and filter for files based on the file name and/or the name of the user inside the Documents modal.