Add an Internal Collaborator using Internal Comments

Issue Owners, Issue Administrators, and Issue Collaborators can all communicate within an issue by using the Internal Comments available in an Issue. Each comment is stamped with the username, date and time making it a convenient way to collaborate at the issue level.

To save time, you can add Internal collaborators by tagging the user when adding comments.

1.  From the Assessments Module, navigate to the Issues Screen and then click on the Issue Name or ID, as shown below.

2. Access the Internal Messages tab, and within the textbox, you can tag your colleague or teammate by typing '@' followed by your colleague's name. A dropdown will appear, populating a list of available users for internal collaboration to click on. Once you select a user, click on the Send button to send the message.

This user will automatically be added to the Internal Collaborators' list. An email notification will be sent to the user informing them that they have been added as a collaborator.

3. Users are also able to add other users who are not available in the dropdown list by adding them on-the-fly. To do so, you can go back to the Issues Details tab and click on the Internal Collaborators link. You can then enter the email address in the text box and select "Add Email Address" as shown below.

For more information regarding adding new collaborators on-the-fly, please visit our Help Center article here: Add New Collaborators On-the-Fly