Edit Questionnaires

Response360 users can utilize the Response Management Module to digitize questionnaires from various formats such as Word, PDF, and Excel. Once imported, questionnaires can be edited by permitted users.

Users with the Response Management Write permission can create new questionnaire records and modify those records. Users with the Response Management Read, Write, View All, and/or Modify All permissions enabled can view and/or edit questionnaires.

Please Note: Users can only edit Questionnaires in an In Progress status. 

Please see our full help article for more information on Response Management Permissions:

Please also see our full help article on Adding and Managing Questionnaires:

Please Note: This feature is not available by default. If interested, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact Support.

This article covers the following topics: 

Navigating to a Questionnaire 

1. Navigate to the Response Management Module and click on the name of the In Progress questionnaire you intend to edit as shown below.

edit questionnaires 1.png

2. Alternatively, click on the 3 dots in the Actions column and select the View Questionnaire option. 

edit questionnaires 2.png

Editing a Questionnaire

1. From the Answering Screen, click on the Edit Questionnaire button as shown below. 

edit questionnaires 3.png

Note: To learn more about answering questionnaires, please see our full article, here.

Editing a Section/Subsection/Question

2. Click on the Section/Subsection/Question you would like to make edits to. 

edit questionnaires 4.png

2. Make the desired edits to the Question ID and/or Question text on the right-hand side and click Save to update the question. 

edit questionnaires 5.png

Adding a Section/Subsection/Question 

1. Click on an Add Section/Subsection/Question link as shown below. 


2. Alternatively, click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side and select the Add (Object) Above or Add (Object) Below option.

edit questionnaires add 2.png

3. Enter the required fields and click on Add to save the new object. 

edit questionnaires add 3 .png

Arranging Questions 

1. Click on the Arrange Questions link. 

edit questionnaires arrange 1.png

2. Drag and drop the 6 dots icon of the desired Section/Subsection/Question to move it. 

edit questionnaires arrange 2.gif

3. Once done, click Save Arrangement to update the questionnaire. 

edit questionnaires arrange 3.png

Deleting a Section/Subsection/Question 

1. Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the desired Section/Subsection/Question and select Delete

edit questionnaires delete 1.png

2. Alternatively, users can bulk-delete Sections/Subsections/Questions by clicking on the checkboxes of the rows that need to be removed. 

edit questionnaires delete 2.png

3. From the Delete Window, click Continue to confirm the deletion. 

edit questionnaires delete 3.png

Collapsing All Rows 

1. Click on the Collapse All Rows link to collapse all of the question records into their sections. 

edit questionnaires collapse 1.png

2. To expand the rows, click on the section's Expand Arrow as shown below. 

edit questionnaires collapse 2.png