Adding an External Partner or Client

Partners form the basis of our external collaboration. In our platform, you can easily view and add Partners if you have the appropriate permissions. By default, System Administrators have the ability to add partners. Users with Add/Edit Partner Access enabled in their user profile, also have this ability from Partner Space.

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This article covers the following topics:

Adding an External Partner or Client

If you are a System Administrator, you can add Partners from System Admin module.

From System Admin

1. Navigate to the Partners screen from the System Admin Module and click on the Add Partner button on the top right as shown below.


From Partner Space

Users having appropriate permissions to Add/EditPartner in their user profile can add Partners from the Partner Space.

1. Navigate to the Partner Space and click on the Add Partner button on the top right as shown below. 


2. Enter your Partner information here. You can also assign an Internal Owner to the Partner if required. When done, click on the Next: Add Contact button as shown below.


Adding an Internal Owner

An Internal Owner is a user within your organization who will be responsible for managing the new partner. Please note that assigning an internal owner for a specific partner is an optional step. 

1. To add an Internal Owner, click on the Email field and select an existing user from the list. 

2. You can also add a new user on-the-fly as an Internal Owner. Please note that the new Internal Owner should have the same email domain as yours. For example, if your domain name is, then your Internal owner should also have a domain name ending with 

3. Enter a first name and last name as shown below. Once done, click on the Next: Add Contact button. 


4. After clicking the Next: Add Contact button, you will be directed to the enter the Primary Information for the Partner. Here you can enter information for your primary contact for this specific partner. Once done, click on the Save Partner button. A success message will appear and your Partner will be added to the Partners list within the Partners screen. 

Note: Adding a primary contact is not mandatory. You can still proceed and save this partner without adding a primary contact. 


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