Creating Q&A Records

Users can create Q&A records to add to the Answer library. By creating Q&A records, the Answer library will become a library of source material to help generate answers when a user runs Smart Response on an incoming questionnaire. 

Note: Only users who have the Answer Library Write permission can create Q&A records.

To learn more about Answer Library Permissions, please see our full help article below:

Q&A records can also be autonomously created when digitized questionnaires are answered and completed in the Response Management Module. To learn more about this feature, please see our full article below:

Create Q&A Record

1. From the Answer Library Module, click on the Add New Q&A button as shown below.


2. Within the Add New Q&A Window, enter the mandatory fields: Question and Answer. You will also have the option to include Reference Files, enter Partner and Questionnaire details, and configure any custom fields if applicable. Click on the Save button to create a new Q&A record as shown below.


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To learn about managing Q&A Records and Import/Export Q&As, please see our full help article below: