Configuring Knowledge Base Fields

System Administrators can create custom Knowledge Base fields to capture additional information for enhanced reporting. These fields can be configured when Q&A entries are created or edited. 

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Knowledge Base Field Management

1. From the System Admin Module, navigate to the Advanced Configuration Screen and select Knowledge Base under Field Management as shown below. 

KB Field Management Nav.png

Configuring Knowledge Base Fields

Adding Custom Fields

1. To add a new custom field, click on the Add Knowledge Base Field button as shown below. 

Add KB Field.png

2. Within the Add Field Window, you can enter the name of your new custom field, enter a type/sub-type, and select the group for that field. To enable/require the field, select Yes or No per your requirement. Click on the Add Field button to save your new custom field.

Add Knoweldge Base Field.png

Note: Enabling the field will have the field appear on the entity's screen. Requiring the field will make it a mandatory (*) field. 

Custom Field Types

There are 6 supported custom field types. 

Drop Down: This is a classic drop-down field type where you can choose one option from a list. For drop-down fields, you can also configure drop-down values using the Add Values option.

Multi Line Text: This field type includes a multi-line text area for you to input information.

Input: This field type is a single-line text area.

Currency: This field type includes various currencies. Within the sub-type, we have pre-populated currencies to choose from.

Date: This field type allows users to select Month/Day/Year date information. 

Numeric: This field type includes numeric values with sub-types such as Percentage and Generic to choose from.

When you are creating a custom platform field using the Dropdown type, the subtypes available to choose from are as follows: 

Single-Select: This option allows you to choose a single value from the admin-configured list.

Single-Select-With-Add: This option allows you to choose or add a new value if the value does not exist in the admin-configured list.

Multi-Select: This option allows you to choose multiple values from the admin-configured list.

Multi-Select with Add: This option allows you to choose multiple values or add new values if they do not exist in the admin-configured list.

Note: There are limits to how many custom attributes can be added per entity. To learn more about these limits click here.