Vendor Overview

In CENTRL's Vendor 360 solution, the Vendor Overview screen gives a quick 360-degree view of the Vendor's overall risk. The Vendor Overview screen consists of two sections: the first section focuses on the overall vendor risk and data associated with the vendor and the second section focuses on the Inherent and Residual Risk for each of the Vendor's Products. 

Navigating to Vendor Overview


1. Navigate to the Vendor Space and click on the Vendor of your choosing as shown above.


2. Click on the Overview link as shown above. 


3. Within the Vendor Overview page, you can view the vendor criticality, overall inherent risk, and the overall residual risk.

4. You can also view the inherent risk and residual risk level for each Product that has been added to your Products page.

Details Section


The Details section displays all the details pertaining to the selected Vendor Products.

Product History Section


The Product History section tracks the changes made to products and displays whether a risk change was made by an assessment or manually by a user.