Bulk Importing Partner, Products, Contacts

System Administrators can use the bulk import feature quickly add or update Partner, Product, and Contact records with a CENTRL-approved Excel file. The instructions will guide you through the Bulk import process.

1. Download the CENTRL-approved template by clicking on the Download Import Template option. Note, you can also Exporting Partner Details, modify, and reimport the data.

Click Next to proceed.


Please note: Your export will reflect your custom attribute labels and platform labels. Please see our help article for reference: Configuring Platform Settings


2. Drag-and-drop or click to select a file from your computer as shown above.


3. Once the file is uploaded, click on the Next button.


4. If there are any parsing issues, will see them here. If there are no parsing errors, you can review the number of records to be imported/updated and select Import to start the process.


5. The system will process your data in the background and email a confirmation. You can also copy the import log link to monitor the import and view errors. However feel free to return to other things - when the process finishes, we will email you along with a link to the import log.