Bulk Importing Partner, Products, Contacts

  • Updated

System Administrators can use the bulk import feature to add or update their Partner/Vendor, Product, and Contact records in bulk. This is particularly useful as a time-saver. When adding more than a handful of new records or editing a large number of existing ones, you can fill a CENTRL-approved Excel file with the data and simply upload into the system. 

The instructions below will guide you through the Bulk import process.


1. You can download the CENTRL-approved template by clicking on the Download Import Template option. Click Next to proceed.


2. Drag-and-drop or click to select a file from your computer as shown above.


3. Once the file is uploaded, click on the Next button.


4. If there are any structural errors in your data you will see them here, otherwise you can review the data that has been read from your upload and staged for import. Click Import to initiate the import process.


5. At this stage, the import has begun and will resume in the background. You will receive an email notification confirming that the process is in progress, and you will receive another when it completes. You can copy the link to the log for this import, so that you may view the results later. You can safely close this message and return to your other work while the import completes.